Ba Vanh the Hero 1



This Vietnamese story is about a little boy named Ba Vanh who would one day become a hero. How could Ba Vanh fly without wings? Let’s find out together! *Based on “Ong Ba Vanh” (Published by “Giao Duc Publishing House”)
Author | To Hoai
To hoai was born in 1920 in Hanoi. Now living in Hanoi. He is one of the most famous contemporary writers of Vietnam Literature. He wrote various types like for teemagers, novels, biography and etc. And he received many accreditations from Vietnam and international organization, including ‘Ho Chi Minh prize” in 1996.
Illustrator | Nguyen Quang Vinh
Nguyen Quang Vinh was born in 1974 and he is living in Hanoi. He graduated from University of Industrial Fine Arts, majored in graphic design. Now he is illustrating numerous books for children.
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